The Handshake. Isn’t that the goal?

In this day and age, customers are more savvy than ever, so progressing to the handshake and handing over the keys depends on a smart sales team with the skills and training to put together a mutually beneficial purchase experience.

SUG Sales Training Boot Camp Courses

1-day classes designed for the sales person who has a year or less experience, as well as those looking for a quick refresher. Our Boot Camps I, II, and III focus on sharpening a range of selling skills and strategies needed to make the sale.

SUG course attendees learn how to put into practice many well tested techniques for selling cars and increasing revenue, as well as tips and best practices for producing immediate results. Attendees leave well-trained and equipped with greater confidence to help them achieve the improved results and performance they seek.

SUG Sales Training Boot Camps focus on:

  • Refreshers for the Meet & Greet, Demo Drive, Write Up and Close
  • Learning best practices for Time Management, Prospecting, Follow-up and Phone Skills
  • Understanding how to use correct words or phrases to achieve sales
  • Providing tools for sales managers to use to reinforce newly learned skills
  • Mastering a defined set of skills designed around attracting and completing the sale.

Learn the how,  where, what and when associated with in-store training.  

SUG also works with Sales Managers once they are back at their dealership, guiding them in effectively implementing training with their sales staff.