Where you are, what’s obtainable, and what it will take on both our parts to get you there.

Any idea, plan, or proposal is only as good as its organization, implementation, and follow-through.  Specialty Underwriters Group will be completely involved ensuring that the recommendation and changes receive the proper care and attention necessary to achieve total success.  We cannot do it by ourselves, but as a team we are confident this forecast can become a reality for your dealership.

All that is remaining for you and your organization to begin experiencing these results is to meet with your SUG representative to learn about our services and commitment to your long term success. We are ready to make the commitment!

Our Commitment to you. . .​

  • Install menu based compliant delivery system all locations
  • Manage formation process of profit sharing plan.
  • Install & train all locations for products sales and remittance processes
  • Train service departments on online claim process and payment procedures
  • Ongoing dealership visits to include: product training, product updates, selling techniques, service department training & general office support.
  • Compliance services to include AFIP certification, and quarterly deal jackets review.
  • Monthly F&I management meetings & Quarterly Sr. management review to include investment updates.
  • Consistently making sure your dealerships have the best products and services in the industry!