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Successful dealers recognize the need for sending their employees to offsite training, but depend on the same employees to ensure new skills are being utilized.  SUG can assist by doing In Store Development at your dealership.  An SUG team member will visit your dealership and conduct an in depth analysis of the inner workings of the store.  We look at things from the perspective of the customer and work to eliminate any obstacles that can derail a pleasant experience for the customer.Starting with how the customer is first greeted at the store and ending at customer follow up after the sale, every facet of the front end of the dealership is scrutinized to maximize profits and customer satisfaction.  An SUG trainer will work with each individual Finance Manager on Product Knowledge, Selling Skills, and Compliance.  We can also do Audio and Video recording of deliveries to better critique performance. 

At SUG, we just don’t tell you what to do, we SHOW you what to do.  While in the dealership, should a delivery occur, SUG can jump in, roll up our sleeves, and help get the customer down the road.  Some Finance Managers can learn a lot by seeing the TRV process live in action.  We de-brief after the delivery and discuss any questions or concerns.  We find the Show Me part to be very beneficial and it sets us apart from our competitors.  We then customize the development with continuing education activities utilizing a training calendar with daily training assignments that we review with the dealer along with performance reports to show the gains by the individual as well as within the Finance Department. 

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