AFIP Certification

The AFIP Certification Program is a college-level continuing education program designed to give in-dealership Finance Managers the regulatory and legal knowledge necessary to excel and a strong foundation for industry specific ethical business practices. There are 3 levels to achieve, Basic, Senior, and Masters.

At SUG, we ensure that all of our Finance Managers are AFIP Certified. That means they bring the same legal and ethical business practices to the dealers they serve.

Deal Jacket Review

Did you know there are more areas for the Finance Department to make a mistake than any other department in the dealership?  Let SUG come in for a deal jacket review.  We pull a set number of delivered deals from both New and Used sections.  We then use our extensive checklist to identify trends that are positive or in some cases pointing to trends that are of concern and in need of action.  We not only look to make sure each form is in every deal but that the form was executed properly according to State and Federal regulations.

In addition to any regulatory or compliance issues being discovered, the review can also tell a bigger story within the sales process. Remember that in court, it’s not “he said she said”, it’s what the file shows.  What are your F&I files saying about compliance?