Finance And Insurance

F & I

Informed and effective Finance Managers are one of the most important assets in a dealerships success.  SUG knows that ongoing training plays a crucial role in achieving higher profits and compliance in an ever changing business climate.  By attending F&I Professional I, the attendee will take home skills designed around selling more F&I products while maintaining or increasing CSI in a compliant manner.  We call our process TRV, which stands for Trainable, Repeatable, and Verifiable

Many processes are so complex that only a select few can actually do it, or have so many steps that the process gets tossed aside as another idea of the week no one wants to do.  By breaking things down in a basic, real world way, we are able to easily train novices as well as veterans, and set them up with a process that they want to do every time.  Coupled with our online Menu system, we can even verify the process was done, time spent on the deal, products offered, and many other details on each transaction.    

We work on:

How to set up a pro-active F&I environment that reduces Customer Resistance and enhances the customers experience instead of the customer feeling like they are going into THE BOX.

How to conduct an effective Interview of the customer and how to set up a proper Menu that allows the customer to choose from all of the products they qualify for in an easy to follow format. 

Advanced techniques that go beyond a “canned presentation “and takes it to the next level.  We share a process that eliminates most objections before they occur and provide a stream lined approach that provides a more powerful presentation that increases product sales and profits. Objection handling is covered with specific word tracks to help overcome customer concerns.